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Flash Templates - Are they really in?

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

Paying for an extremely well crafted Flash website can prove to be costly. So at the same time as you are hunting around for a flash designer, it is always recommended to consider ready-made Flash Templates. These are previously planned semi-completed Flash web pages that just need to be made to order to your modified preferences. These kind of Flash templates already integrate theme-based graphics, course-plotting scheme, action effects, tune and sound effects. If you’re successful in picking up the right template for your website, it could save you thousands of bucks on effective web design. (more…)

Important Aspects with Flash Technology

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

Presently there are a few irrefutable advantages to properly designed Flash web page. Profound importance is given to the well framed content with the raged Flash technology. Without a strong regulation and exceptional coding, implementing Flash could turn out to be really atrocious and might cost you a lot of prospective customers. But, in this era where everything seems to be a blind maze it is advisable to install flash applications for your website or your template only if it satisfies the genuine need and intention with no explanatory troubles. Coming to a conclusion of when and how to exercise Flash are the larger concerns at this point. Above and beyond esthetic expressiveness and skilled rules of coding there are a number of incredibly sensible requirements to be understood in the greatest Flash webpage. (more…)

So Why are Directories Important?

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

A web directory is very different from a search engine. Directories are categorized, typically organized by subject or topic, where a search engine is just a tool for accessing one page in a database of many. In the 1990′s, Yahoo! exploded onto the directory scene, and maintains a large market share to this day. Still, Google remains the tool of choice for people to locate information on the web. So why are directories important?

Google is certainly an excellent tool for finding specific pages. Searching by website name will typically find the site immediately, but what if you want to browse through a list of shoe retailers? You could search for “shoes,” or “buy shoes,” but your results will only reflect pages that have been visited by thousands of people. This is great for a large manufacturer, but if you’re looking for a smaller shop, you may be hard pressed to find it. A directory would let you browse shoe retailers, perhaps by selecting retail, then apparel, then footwear, depending on the organization of the directory. (more…)

CSS vs. Table Based Design

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

CSS vs. Table Based design has been one of the hottest topics of debate in the web design field. Scores of sites proclaim the benefit of good CSS coding, flaunting load speed, standardization, and search engine optimization as the greatest benefits. Advocates of table design often downplay these benefits, claiming less than stellar improvements to a convention that may not need fixing. Combined with the overall utility and widespread acceptance of table design in the development community, table based design has a strong case of its own. So which should we use, tables or CSS? This is where the debate falters. Both sides are able to make a strong case because both sides have valid points. Tables and CSS do many of the same things, but each can also accomplish different things at different levels. A valuable perspective involves a consumer focused approach. Most developers have someone in mind, be it an audience for a personal or corporate webpage, or a client looking to promote their site to an audience. At the end of the day, a good developer must be able to answer to those who pay the rent. (more…)

Website Templates for Aspiring Marketer

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

Marketing is a career that seems relatively simple to the observer, but when attempted, proves to be difficult. Many individuals get into internet sales, but are weak on the marketing aspect of the job. To market simply means to generate sales by attracting customers and building a brand. To do this on the internet is sometimes much more complicated than in a storefront operation. There are many online resources, web templates included, that can help.