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Is Social Media Marketing Sustainable?

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Social Media Marketing, being an emerging concept is still undiscovered for most of the individuals associated with web business and having most of the aspects unexplored, the sustainability of SMM is still a question mark. Though getting about rapidly, not everyone is familiar with the inner structure of SMM and the best use of it. The present culture of Social Media Marketing is relying more on extensive stumbling and digging etc that has not only shown the concept of SMM a convergent approach but also deployed its original essence.

Social Media Marketing is a divergent phenomenon, whereby the strategies are based on choices and preferences, tastes, variations and innovations, and something that supports a constant variation in procedures is always sustainable. But the present digging/stumbling culture and paid opinions may reel back the sustainability to the ninth degree. The true SMM culture can, however, be established only by having the inside picture of it, i.e. understanding the situation and nature of business and knowing that the variation will need equal change in strategies, outlining the short and long term objectives, and then using the appropriate social media tools in accordance with the research.

Whatever the situations are, marketers must know that:

1. He’s to think like a user not provider, as SMM is volatile in nature and knowing what audience likes is the key to success.
2. He’s to build relations based on trust because in Social Media that is open for all, the vulnerability to unethical practices is relatively high.
3. It needs parallel time to research and analyze the audience and to build an effective network.
4. It’s a learning process and you find something new each time you develop or execute a single strategy.
5. Knowingly relaying false information may let you get a single step ahead but the long run will be a dead end.
6. Since the SMM model works on choices, preferences, attitudes, tastes and style, no such thing can get about that’s not sought for.
7. It’s your identity that works more than you, so making best use of it is the way to leave imprints in all possible and related area of influence.
8. If you want others to abide by certain rules, be a live example.