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5 webdesign trends that will stay for 2009

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Web 2.0 is still here and hasn’t been renamed yet, but it seems that its design has evolved for the better. From soft gradient and glossy buttons it has gotten more handmade looking. Following are some trends that we’ve started to see more in 2008, and that will be all the rage in 2009.

1. Grungy & Rusty
Grungy designs are quite common for music band, they’ve also been around for quite a while in graphic design. However, a few talented designers have brought this trend to blog design. Dirty lines and lavished backgrounds are becoming common and will be even more in a near future.

bartjanverhoef screenshot

2. Watercolour
With its irregular gradients, watercolour is one of the most enjoyed type of paintings. Webdesigners using this effect will add a soft touch to their designs and a kind of dreamy effect.

vigetinspire screenshot

3. Collage
Before Photoshop, collage used to be a commonly used technique to mix elements together. It is also a good way to put colorful elements together and will often turn to joyful designs.

freepeople screenshot

4. Vintage
Stylized old school drawings or photos will add a charming touch to any blog design. While not appropriate for every niche, vintage blog designs will definitly keep on being trendy.

jeffsarmiento screenshot

5. Sketches
The first impression I get when confronted to a webdesign sketchy background is that there is some work in progress. Sketchy webdesign can definitly be a good choice if you want to make your blog or website a more lively place.

satsu screenshot

This article was written by Mirko Humbert, a swiss designer running a popular graphic design blog.

Seductive France

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Do you know what I like about France? It’s passionate approach in everything. Sophisticated temptation, lust, willingness to attract. The works of French photographers, graphical designer and illustrators are full of these emotions and you can feel it in the air when you check their portfolios. I adore them and I adore their culture. Some of these people truly impressed me with their amazing works of art and today I’ll try to post the best of what I’ve seen and enjoyed.


Illustration and graphic design

arno (more…)

My Valentine’s Day: Love Is All Around

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Valentine Coffee


Valentine Cookie


Valentine Bath



Preparing Valentine Presents




Decorating my Desktop and Website

Valentine Wallpapers



Valentine Icons

Sharing My Love


Looking out of the window

British Airways  Ad


Ducati Ad

Playing With My Cat

Sheba Ad


My Fruit Valentines Lunch




Meeting My Love


My Valentine Dinner


Resources used:
Ads of the world, Flickr, Dryicons, Kitdashit.

Shake Your Brain: Smart Fish Ads

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Have you ever thought what makes an ad a success? That’s simple, this is just the product itself, the approach and the emotions that you have when you look at the ad. The most successful ads make us smile, feel sorrow or just think (usually the Greenpeace ads). The fun ads are probably the best ones as no matter whether you will buy the product or not, you’ll remember it and share it with your friends. This way the word of mouth will find find the potential customer. Besides smiling makes our lives longer and makes us feel better, so why not to enjoy the ads just as a fun thing not just yet another call to buy something. We hope that our small collection of smart and fun fish ads today will make you happier at least for a few seconds.


WWF: Fish

Text on ad: Stop climate change before it changes you.



Common Elements of Luxury Web Design in Top Luxury Brands

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

What is luxury? Is it diamonds, expensive stylish clothing, the best cars, expensive watches and accessories? Or is luxury the feeling these things bring you — the feeling of wealth, certainty, or style? When it comes to website design, is there some definite style that gives the feeling of luxury — something that we could call the luxury style? We’ve done a bit of research looking into Web design for luxury brands, but we’ll leave the judgments up to you. Which website do you feel best represents the luxury lifestyle?


Let’s start with the best 10 luxurious jewelry brands. The research was conducted by the Luxury Institute, and we’ll study the websites of just a few brands.

Number 1

Harry Wilson Jewelry - Website:

This site features simple, strict and minimalist black, white, and gray design elements with a “rich” beautiful font. Light flash effects enhance the beauty of the showcased jewelry and you can almost smell the luxury. Even if you replace the jewelry photos with something else, the luxurious feeling will stay with you.