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Chew on This: Interesting Chewing Gum Ads

Strange thing, and you might not believe me, but chewing gum ads seem to be as rare as aliens in the White House. Though we see TV ads every other day and we might chew gum all day long, I have a feeling that chewing gum has become such an inevitable part of our lives that it doesn’t need to be advertised at all! It’s like air, water, or food. Anyway, I managed to dig up some of the few chewing gum ads out there, and you can check out their interesting design elements below.

Sportlife Chewing Gum: Girl


Lotte No Drowsiness Gum: Airbag

Text on ad: It wakes you. It saves you.

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The Charming Colors of Spring: 42 Website Designs for Your Inspiration.

I love spring, that’s possibly the best time of the year to enjoy the life. Not cold and not hot, very colorful, very emotional and tender. That’s the time for the new hopes, time to start something new, time to reborn. Every season of the year has it’s own colors. In our todays selection of websites we tried to show what colors give the spring feeling. The websites are not necessarily about flowers, something related to nature or spring. These are the websites designed for absolutely different spheres of business but for some reason they remind that spring is here because of the colors used in design. They are fresh, a bit muted, with greens like the color of grass and trees, with blues like the blue soft sky after the gray nasty winter, with pink and violet like the flowers.

Enjoy! And let the spring spirit fill our soles!





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Eternal Inspiration In Woman’s Body

Since the beginning of the world and arts, artists, painters and poets have been inspired by women when creating their works of arts, some only once and others devoted all their life to monumentalizing the soft curves of the woman’s body. Thanks to the new techniques and technical progress today we can see multiple approaches to “drawing” the woman’s body. Every artist sees it is his own way and there’s an eternal beauty in every line. Today we are glad to present you a small collection of amazing and so natural paintings/drawings/sketches and illustrations of the woman’s body that all differ in style, vision and technique. We will be happy to see your comments about this art direction and if you have your own works to add to this post feel free to let us know.

Painting and Drawings, Sketches

Ben Tour


Ian Francis


Stella Im Hultberg


Will Cotton


Juan Francisco Casas

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20 Lovely cows for a lovely day :)

The cows from our post are not the greatest works of art developed by world-known design studios. These are just the lovely graphic designs, illustrations and drawings produced by participants of the Cow contest held by British Higher School of Art and Design and by Powerclip. Enjoy some of the loveliest works :)

Lovely cow 1.


Lovely cow 2.


Lovely cow 3.


Lovely cow 4.


Lovely cow 5.

Created by Readiris, Copyright IRIS 2005

Lovely cow 6.

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Seductive France

Do you know what I like about France? It’s passionate approach in everything. Sophisticated temptation, lust, willingness to attract. The works of French photographers, graphical designer and illustrators are full of these emotions and you can feel it in the air when you check their portfolios. I adore them and I adore their culture. Some of these people truly impressed me with their amazing works of art and today I’ll try to post the best of what I’ve seen and enjoyed.


Illustration and graphic design

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My Valentine’s Day: Love Is All Around

Valentine Coffee


Valentine Cookie


Valentine Bath



Preparing Valentine Presents




Decorating my Desktop and Website

Valentine Wallpapers



Valentine Icons

Sharing My Love


Looking out of the window

British Airways  Ad


Ducati Ad


Playing With My Cat

Sheba Ad


My Fruit Valentines Lunch




Meeting My Love


My Valentine Dinner


Resources used:
Ads of the world, Flickr, Dryicons, Kitdashit.

Shake Your Brain: Smart Fish Ads

Have you ever thought what makes an ad a success? That’s simple, this is just the product itself, the approach and the emotions that you have when you look at the ad. The most successful ads make us smile, feel sorrow or just think (usually the Greenpeace ads). The fun ads are probably the best ones as no matter whether you will buy the product or not, you’ll remember it and share it with your friends. This way the word of mouth will find find the potential customer. Besides smiling makes our lives longer and makes us feel better, so why not to enjoy the ads just as a fun thing not just yet another call to buy something. We hope that our small collection of smart and fun fish ads today will make you happier at least for a few seconds.


WWF: Fish

Text on ad: Stop climate change before it changes you.



Common Elements of Luxury Web Design in Top Luxury Brands

What is luxury? Is it diamonds, expensive stylish clothing, the best cars, expensive watches and accessories? Or is luxury the feeling these things bring you — the feeling of wealth, certainty, or style? When it comes to website design, is there some definite style that gives the feeling of luxury — something that we could call the luxury style? We’ve done a bit of research looking into Web design for luxury brands, but we’ll leave the judgments up to you. Which website do you feel best represents the luxury lifestyle?


Let’s start with the best 10 luxurious jewelry brands. The research was conducted by the Luxury Institute, and we’ll study the websites of just a few brands.

Number 1

This site features simple, strict and minimalist black, white, and gray design elements with a “rich” beautiful font. Light flash effects enhance the beauty of the showcased jewelry and you can almost smell the luxury. Even if you replace the jewelry photos with something else, the luxurious feeling will stay with you.




Why Downloading Pirated Music Pinches!

Nobody likes being called a thief, even those that download pirated music online. But the fact remains that people who perform free music downloads or buy music online using credit cards, from controversial web sites may be part of international piracy.

For many shoppers online, “legal” and “legitimate” are two words that do not mean much and they would not mind buying music from unethical sources, if it means having to pay much less than what it actually sells for.

There are several websites that sell all the latest downloads from top American artists for pennies on the dollar. Music fans are only too thrilled at the prospect of getting music so cheap, especially with the quality and experience being almost the same as the music downloads found at legitimate music sites such as iTunes and others. They willingly enter into the black illegal world of piracy, where they are asked to use their credit cards to purchase music downloads.

What they fail to realize is that, by buying music from these illegal sources, they are becoming part of the theft and piracy racket.

Not many music aficionados who download music from these file-sharing sites really understand the extent of this crime, but even those that do, pay no heed because of the convenience associated with such sites, in terms of low prices and newest songs. (more…)

Negative Aspects Of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is subcontracting work to a third-party company or individual for product creation, design, or some other service. Outsourcing has always been carried out by both major businesses and smaller companies. As far as corporations go, this means business process outsourcing (BPO).

The Internet has long been bitten by the outsourcing bug and most online businesses tend to allot most of their product creation to outsourcing, and some have started outsourcing their marketing as well. Internet marketers outsource projects like e-book creation, article writing, Web development and design, software development, making lists of affiliate programs with all the details, sorting particular information into lists, and every other job that is either time consuming or that requires specific expertise they don’t personally possess.

Outsourcing is being described by some as an unfortunate by-product of a global economy. The thinking is simply that when the same work can be done by someone else cheaper, get it done. While this is certainly a more profitable way of conducting a business, it does have its negative side too.

Outsourcing is said to be for people who have little patience and a lot of money. There may be people who think that looking at the disadvantages of outsourcing amounts to thinking negatively; however, it is always better to consider all the disadvantages in advance to avoid any future surprises (or should we say “shocks?”).

One of the most crucial facts of life is that no third person or company can understand the product better than the owner. In spite of their best efforts, they may not be able to help business owners reach their goals.

The potential for a communication gap is said to be one of the demerits of outsourcing, where the person who the work is outsourced to may not be familiar with a particular culture and that lack of understanding could reflect in the work performed. (more…)