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Advantages and Disadvantages of Web Templates

Monday, April 16th, 2007

Web templates can be a huge asset to busy web designers. The variety of templates available is astounding, and almost any style of website can be developed using a template as a foundation. With that being said, there are also reasons to think carefully before selecting a template at random.

Advantages of Web Templates

Web templates have many advantages over custom designed sites. The most obvious advantage is the cost and time element. A web template costs considerably less than a custom website, but the quality of the design is often consistent with the custom variety.

Constructing a website from a template also can save a great deal of time. Custom sites can take months, but template based sites can be created in days, perhaps even hours. The more time that is spent initially in planning a website’s purpose and features, the less time the actual site creation will take.

If you know what is important in the design before shopping for a template, you can find a template that is the right color, contains the right graphics, and customize anything else. A well-designed template can be customized to almost any degree. It is unlikely that one of the millions of templates available will be absolutely perfect. However, if the basic elements of a site are present in the design, you can always add or delete pages, fix the buttons or make any other changes necessary.

Using Web Templates

Monday, April 16th, 2007

Creating websites was once a job best undertaken by professionals with years of experience and often a high fee. Fortunately, this is no longer the case as the internet is now filled with web templates to help the average user design a professional looking website - without the help of a paid designer.

Web Templates

Web templates are best compared to paint-by–number pictures so popular among the toddler set. They are simply pre-designed websites that make it simple to add relevant information, content, links, logos, and pictures. The HTML coding is already set up, and by cutting and pasting to add the items that make a site unique, a user can design an effective website in very little time, and for very little money.

Readymade Web Templates - The Negatives

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

Pre-designed web templates, for most of us, at first may appear to be really handy creations. But a bit of closer analysis would reveal that it has some glaring drawbacks that could eventually lead to more issues than solutions later on for the webmasters. Given below are few reasons why readymade web templates are not so good an idea.

  • The issue starts with the code itself, which ideally must be search engine friendly. Unfortunately, virtually none of the free web templates available in the web have search engine friendly codes. Then there are templates created entirely in Flash, which are unspiderable. People tend to overlook such crucial aspects usually.
  • W3C compliance: Most of the ready made web templates available in the web are not W3C compliant, which in fact sets the standard for website coding.
  • Another essential property of a website is its cross browser compatibility. That is, how it is programmed to be compatible with all popular browsers in vogue. Many of the pre-designed web templates are not optimized this way.
  • In web design, there are certain best practices or quality standards that every web designer strictly adheres to (like positioning the logo on the top left hand side of the webpage). But, the same cannot be said about pre-designed web templates.
  • Yet another major flaw observed with pre-designed web templates is its navigation. In most cases, the navigation used in free web templates rarely meets one’s actual requirements. What is the use in having such a website?

To sum it up, unless yours is not a freak website, it is always better to have a website designed by professionals than going for a free web template for the sake of saving few hundred dollars. If you do so, sooner or later, you’ll end up spending more.

The Web Design Template - A Manual for Small Business Owners

Monday, March 26th, 2007

It is seemingly common knowledge that every business, be it large or small, must have a website to actively compete in today’s workplace. The internet has opened the consumer market to an international level, and even if a business is targeting only local customers, there is an expectation that a quality business must have a respectable homepage and site.

Many small business owners are intimidated by the assumed technicality and work associated with building a website, or they are disgusted by the going rates of traditional designers. Fortunately, the advent of the web design template has brought a fresh breeze into a field that was once stagnant, and almost secretive. Gone are the days when a business required a high-price designer to spend weeks or months creating a basic homepage and related links. Now business owners can create attractive, professional web sites for a fraction of the time and cost.

Creating a Website Using Web Design Templates

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

It is common knowledge that designing a website for either personal or business use can take a substantial toll on an individual’s time and wallet. But, that same website, regardless of price or effort, can be critical to the success of an individual or a company. Web design templates offer an economical solution to this dilemma, by providing a design with a professional appearance for a bargain price. Once the decision to avoid the high-priced expert has been made, the hardest part of designing a website can be selecting the perfect web design template.

There are many things to consider when selecting a web design template. The most important is the purpose of the future website as well as the knowledge of the amateur designer. Areas to consider include:

TemplatesFactory.Net - Website Templates

Thursday, November 16th, 2006

Website templates are essential to creating attractive, yet affordable web designs. Templates Factory offers the finest in web templates and website templates for individuals or businesses looking to take a website to the next level. With a large range of professional quality design products, Templates Factory has a solution for all website development needs. Obtaining an expert grade template will offer not only tremendous monetary savings, but a great deal of time saved as well. The templates are simple to customize and adapt.

Free Website Templates

Monday, October 16th, 2006

While free website templates make up the minority of templates available on the internet, they have features and advantages that can not be overlooked. Of course the template is free, which is always a terrific boon, but these templates contain benefits that might not appear at first glance.

Advantages of Free Website Templates

Moving beyond the cost, or lack there of, free website templates offer other benefits to users. Website templates are created by the same designers that code custom sites. Templates are simply available to multiple buyers. The number of available templates is growing on a daily basis and as new platforms are introduced, the number of templates is expected to grow further.

If you find a free website template of high quality, you will be able to utilize the basic features of the design. You will also be able to customize any piece that does not meet your specifications. You will not only save a great deal of money while creating your site, but you’ll save plenty of time and effort as well. It is far easier to tweak an existing site than create one from scratch.

Too Many Templates!

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

Most of us are not designers. We might be decent enough at coding a basic website and arranging things to our liking, but when it comes time to design a new website or redesign an existing one, we realize we are not the expert. Much like you would shop around for a new car before purchasing, you also tend to shop around for site designs and ideas. What we are facing now, however, is too much of a good thing. There are so many site designs and web templates; it can be quite an ordeal just to browse through them.