Important Aspects with Flash Technology

Presently there are a few irrefutable advantages to properly designed Flash web page. Profound importance is given to the well framed content with the raged Flash technology. Without a strong regulation and exceptional coding, implementing Flash could turn out to be really atrocious and might cost you a lot of prospective customers. But, in this era where everything seems to be a blind maze it is advisable to install flash applications for your website or your template only if it satisfies the genuine need and intention with no explanatory troubles. Coming to a conclusion of when and how to exercise Flash are the larger concerns at this point. Above and beyond esthetic expressiveness and skilled rules of coding there are a number of incredibly sensible requirements to be understood in the greatest Flash webpage.

Thus to start with, it has to be the speed and the ease of loading throughout your website. Not many visitors would go through waiting for your magnificent tools to stack, even if it is awe-inspiring, in particular if it is the subsequent time they have stopped over and your Flash special effects were not that splendid. It turns into an added weight than it is actually worth.

Secondly it is mandatory to present some control to the surfer who has stumbled upon your website to use it the way it wants. With the implementation of the much talked about “Flash Technology”, you should offer a “skip intro” key or else you might end up loosing a lot of visitors as we all are aware that a lot of people who hit on the internet everyday use a dial-up connection or some other slow internet connecting device. Net users are smart enough not to fritter away time on websites that take forever to load or have long introductions before getting to the actual stuff. Another option would be to enhance the visitor with a loading bar that shows the progress of the Flash loading. Such a bar avoids the user discouragement for waiting and the visitor can decide for himself whether he wants to go ahead watching the introduction or skip it altogether. These days such loading bars are designed in accordance to the theme of the website.

Flash enables a lot of ease in site navigation if properly utilized. It is up to the webmaster to make sure that the pages are not obscured with stuff like “link not found” etc. Another important aspect a site developer would like to inculcate is the providence of HTML links. Such links will overcome the problem of site navigation as far as Flash is concerned. It allows the search engine bots to index your pages properly and also permits the surfers to view and utilize the link to quit the Flash sequence at any point during their stay on your website.

Though the Flash technology is a boom with the biggies of web design but it can create an equal mess for your website if it is not properly used. It is important to follow a strong set of rules that benefit the users and make their Flash experience really worthy. It is not all about using the expensive plug ins and driving the prospects but it is merely about giving them th

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  1. I thought flash technology is still not suitable for Search Engine?

  2. yes, Flash enables a lot of ease in site navigation if properly utilized…nice post