The Worlds Top Hotels (and Their Web Designs)

Posted by: Anastasia on April 17th, 2009 in Website Design

There’s a so called gold list of the best hotels in the world that Condé Nast Traveler releases every other year. Here are the hotels they recommend for 2009: These are their selections for hotels all around the world that have the best rooms, service, food, locations, ambiance and design, and leisure facilities.

They have winners in several categories: best for ambiance/design, best for facilities, best for food, best for location, best for rooms, and best for service.

Since we’re mostly interested in the design aspect of the hotel rankings, we decided to turn our attention to the hotels chosen for the best designs — not the hotel interior/exterior, but the website design. Having reviewed several websites, we thought it would be nice to make some kind of a contest not just for design and look, but for the website usability as well. IMHO, the most luxurious hotels should pay more attention to their online presence. Read the rest of this entry »

Strange and Colorful World of Yoswadi Krutklom. Drawings and Illustrations.

Posted by: Anastasia on April 15th, 2009 in General

Yoswadi Krutklom is a talented artist born in Bangkok,Thailand and now living in New York. Having graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design with a Master of Art in Illustration, she is now ready to face the world and show her own approach to illustration, drawing, painting and graphic design.





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The Allknowing Fog: Digital Art (photomanipulation).

Posted by: Anastasia on April 9th, 2009 in General

Through this fog


Mistic Night


Follow me

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Top Notch Trash Designs: An Extraordinary Design Collection

Posted by: Anastasia on April 6th, 2009 in General

Royal Art Lodge

The Royal Art Lodge is an art collective based in Canada. Every other week they gather to create something mind-blowing, and at the same time naïve.



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Ghosts and Spirits. Digital Art :Photomanipulation.

Posted by: Anastasia on March 27th, 2009 in General

Winter Ghost

by ~RedSigns


Angel Ghost

by ~Drusilla14



by =FreakyBabe


Marooned- Ghost

by ~emerald-rose


Cold Winter Ghost

by ~masiz


All I Am.

by =JinDevilKazama


I am still alive

by =MelGama


Watching us Wither.

by =JinDevilKazama


Her Ghost.

by ~Sacrify


Lonely Tracks II

by *Jenna-Rose


Black Dove.

by =JinDevilKazama


Fading Presence

by ~xDJx


Das Zimmer meiner Kindheit

by ~Sulathron



by ~anavy


The Rendez Vous

by *vm0572


My Spirit Of The Sea.

by ~BlackRosesWithering


The Ghost Dancer

by =Dragonfly113



by ~suszymniebardzo


Love’s Victim

by ~drowninsanity


In Silent Moments

by =TayaRavena


Follow me…

by ~pisimau


Ghost’s Life.



separate me from the living.

by =TayaRavena


Silent Reverie

by ~maryana01


Deep Silent Complete

by ~TearsOfEterinty


The Fountain of Oblivion

by ~MOracz


Ubume - My Japanese GhostStory

by ~princess-RxY


Early Winter

by ~tahtasiz



by ~jibinjoy


Whisper Your Fears

by ~maansterft


Ghosts of Romance

by ~SeekingDivinity


ghost bride

by ~qingg



by ~ensnared-death


only time…

by ~gothichristos86



by ~mariecr


Chew on This: Interesting Chewing Gum Ads

Posted by: Anastasia on March 24th, 2009 in General

Strange thing, and you might not believe me, but chewing gum ads seem to be as rare as aliens in the White House. Though we see TV ads every other day and we might chew gum all day long, I have a feeling that chewing gum has become such an inevitable part of our lives that it doesn’t need to be advertised at all! It’s like air, water, or food. Anyway, I managed to dig up some of the few chewing gum ads out there, and you can check out their interesting design elements below.

Sportlife Chewing Gum: Girl


Lotte No Drowsiness Gum: Airbag

Text on ad: It wakes you. It saves you.

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The Charming Colors of Spring: 42 Website Designs for Your Inspiration.

Posted by: Anastasia on March 17th, 2009 in General, Website Design

I love spring, that’s possibly the best time of the year to enjoy the life. Not cold and not hot, very colorful, very emotional and tender. That’s the time for the new hopes, time to start something new, time to reborn. Every season of the year has it’s own colors. In our todays selection of websites we tried to show what colors give the spring feeling. The websites are not necessarily about flowers, something related to nature or spring. These are the websites designed for absolutely different spheres of business but for some reason they remind that spring is here because of the colors used in design. They are fresh, a bit muted, with greens like the color of grass and trees, with blues like the blue soft sky after the gray nasty winter, with pink and violet like the flowers.

Enjoy! And let the spring spirit fill our soles!





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Eternal Inspiration In Woman’s Body

Posted by: Anastasia on March 9th, 2009 in General

Since the beginning of the world and arts, artists, painters and poets have been inspired by women when creating their works of arts, some only once and others devoted all their life to monumentalizing the soft curves of the woman’s body. Thanks to the new techniques and technical progress today we can see multiple approaches to “drawing” the woman’s body. Every artist sees it is his own way and there’s an eternal beauty in every line. Today we are glad to present you a small collection of amazing and so natural paintings/drawings/sketches and illustrations of the woman’s body that all differ in style, vision and technique. We will be happy to see your comments about this art direction and if you have your own works to add to this post feel free to let us know.

Painting and Drawings, Sketches

Ben Tour

Ian Francis

Stella Im Hultberg

Will Cotton

Juan Francisco Casas
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20 Lovely cows for a lovely day :)

Posted by: Anastasia on March 5th, 2009 in General

The cows from our post are not the greatest works of art developed by world-known design studios. These are just the lovely graphic designs, illustrations and drawings produced by participants of the Cow contest held by British Higher School of Art and Design and by Powerclip. Enjoy some of the loveliest works :)

Lovely cow 1.


Lovely cow 2.


Lovely cow 3.


Lovely cow 4.


Lovely cow 5.

Created by Readiris, Copyright IRIS 2005

Lovely cow 6.

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5 webdesign trends that will stay for 2009

Posted by: Mirko on February 24th, 2009 in Website Templates

Web 2.0 is still here and hasn’t been renamed yet, but it seems that its design has evolved for the better. From soft gradient and glossy buttons it has gotten more handmade looking. Following are some trends that we’ve started to see more in 2008, and that will be all the rage in 2009.

1. Grungy & Rusty
Grungy designs are quite common for music band, they’ve also been around for quite a while in graphic design. However, a few talented designers have brought this trend to blog design. Dirty lines and lavished backgrounds are becoming common and will be even more in a near future.

bartjanverhoef screenshot

2. Watercolour
With its irregular gradients, watercolour is one of the most enjoyed type of paintings. Webdesigners using this effect will add a soft touch to their designs and a kind of dreamy effect.

vigetinspire screenshot

3. Collage
Before Photoshop, collage used to be a commonly used technique to mix elements together. It is also a good way to put colorful elements together and will often turn to joyful designs.

freepeople screenshot

4. Vintage
Stylized old school drawings or photos will add a charming touch to any blog design. While not appropriate for every niche, vintage blog designs will definitly keep on being trendy.

jeffsarmiento screenshot

5. Sketches
The first impression I get when confronted to a webdesign sketchy background is that there is some work in progress. Sketchy webdesign can definitly be a good choice if you want to make your blog or website a more lively place.

satsu screenshot

This article was written by Mirko Humbert, a swiss designer running a popular graphic design blog.