Amazing Examples of Typographic Style

Typographica — Review of typefaces and type books

Typographica is an excellent review of typefaces and type books with occasional commentary on fonts and typographic design. The site was founded in by Joshua Lurie-Terrell.


Louis Verhoeve

Louis Verhoeve is a Dutch designer who has a unique showcase on his portfolio website. He creates great font-based printed designs and book covers.


Silva! Designers

Silva! Designers is an editorial design agency based in Chiado, Lisbon, old city. They do typographic design work for magazines, book covers, and catalogs. Their art is definitely stylish and original.



DSTYPE specializes in creating custom typefaces. That includes designing completely new typefaces for every purpose as well as improving balance, legibility, and otherwise fine tuning existing typefaces and logotypes.


Denis Ponomarev

Denis Ponomarev is a Russian typographer and graphic designer. He designs for books, magazines, CD covers, and other prints. His works are more than stylish.


Oliver Daxenbichler

Oliver Daxenbichler is a German designer. His entire website is just one great portfolio showcasing some unbelievable conceptual works.


Frank Chimero

Frank Chimero’s a graphic designer teaching youth at Missouri S.U. about design foundations and typography. Each piece of his artwork is part of an exploration in finding wit, surprise, honesty, and joy in the world around us. For Frank the work is play, and the play is work.



TypeNeu is a typography blog. The website looks like a bunch of wallpapers glued together, showcasing a variety of info about fonts and typography.


Alison Carmichael

Alison Carmichael creates amazing book covers, print advertisements, and graphic designs. She is an award-winning talent in typography and design.



86era is the portfolio of Maxwell Lord, a typographer and graphic designer. His works are fresh and you can find a huge collection of them on Flickr.


Marian Bantjes

From the artist: “My ‘style’ is always evolving, and if you look at my work you can see multiple interests emerge. People tend to think of me in terms of the swirly, pretty vector art, but it is much more varied than that. I’m quite happy that my work is eclectic while still personally identifiable.”



HMF is an Estonian design company. They specialize in developing unique, nontraditional fonts and take inspiration from everything that surrounds them. All the fonts are made manually and this is an amazing, though very complicated, art.


Graphical House

Scottish graphic designers at Graphical House show their design skills to be in a highly professional league. You can explore nice visual moments in all of their work. Their portfolio is truly impressive.


Snooze is a Croatian studio. They provide a broad range of design services, maximizing the true potential of their clients by building sophisticated and innovative solutions that enable them to develop deeper and more personalized relationships with their customers…. At least that’s what they say.


Today Is Sunday

Today is Sunday is the portfolio of Carlos Guedes, Portuguese Interactive Art Director, visual effects aficionado, and surfer.


Typography Served

The Served site brings a steady supply of top quality creative work to the table. They comb through projects from the portfolios of the most talented creative people and teams around the world.


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