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The Enticement Of Swish Templates!

Flash was the only program until recently that could be used for flash animations; however there is another new flash authoring program called SWiSHMax that has made its entry quietly but surely into the fun and exciting world of animation – SWiSH.

The similarity between Flash and SWiSH ends with the “sh” in their respective names. SWiSH is to animations what Paint shop is to Photoshop. SWiSH helps designers put out killer animations quickly. SWiSHMax technology is extremely easy to use and has several unique features that aid a designer in creating enticing and exciting website animations that leave people spellbound and craving for more.

There are several exciting things that can be done with SWiSHMax, such as creating a whole lot of different shapes, movie clips, different buttons as well as motion paths. It also allows hundreds of animated effects to be included, such as vortex, wave, 3D spin and explode. The best part is that interactive movies can also be added.

This ultimate effective tool for the creation of flash animation comes with several in-built effects and ready-to-use components along with various other tools that are used to draw shapes, control motion as well as edit text. One of the best features of all is the possibility of live editing that allows users to make all sorts of changes they wish to make, even while the animation is playing.

SWiSH templates
are pre-made templates created with professional designs by designers who are experts in creating animation, which are certain to give you a top quality gallery or a beautiful website that reflects the branding and image of your company and elevate it to greater heights. (more…)