Costly mistakes to avoid in your web marketing campaigns

One of the greatest advantages of the Internet is the ability and constant diversity to market business online. Popularly called web marketing, it is one or several combined methods of using Internet resources and available instinctive techniques, to promote goods and services to targeted prospects and customers alike.

Some of these resources include Email marketing, pay per click, SEO (search engine optimization), banner advertisement, search engine marketing, blogging, article and content methods, opt-in methods, and others. On a general level, web marketing (also known as Internet marketing), are made possible through effective application of electronic elements in managing sales, data and information, customer services and public relations.

In the recent past, expert surveys and analyses proved that over 35% of internet users are purchasing items through the internet, as a result of intense growth of web marketing. And, the figure is ever on the increase, especially when one consider that some countries with mammoth population, like Chine and India, are showing bumping appreciation for Internet.

However, due to the enormity of advantages of web marketing, many thought they can dabble into it without proper knowledge and planning, only to go home with terrible disappointment and losses. In this article, we shall highlight some of those mistakes, so that you can avoid them in your own marketing campaigns.

There are deliberate spamming and those done out of mere ignorance, but both carry penalty and negative reactions. People spam others with Email, through newsletters, in forums and on search engines.

On a continual basis, many websites have been blacklisted by search engines, ISPs and received hatred reactions from customers, alike. For example, major search engines constantly penalize or out rightly, remove errant websites that are caught spamming them with over application of so-called doorways or gateways. This imply usage of pages of text filled with keywords to deceive search engine algorithms.

This is an old mistake that you must avoid at all cost. Unless, you’re operating in a rare niche that demand single or few keywords, your marketing efforts will be turned into a mission impossible or at best, dead on arrival. If you must effectively face competitors, get fair share of traffic and earn steady income, then multi keywords that reflect the theme of your website is a necessity and ideal to your success.

The opposite of the above is when you get lots of traffic, yet are considered ‘useless’ when they come from the wrong sources. Make sure your web marketing use keywords (and meta tags) that align with, and include the content and theme of your business.

In today’s web marketing strategy, external linking is considered pivotal, by those in the know. Apart from the fact that it will earn considerable, qualitative back links, major search engines like consider quality, quantity and value of external links that point to your website.

It means will definitely rank your site high than others with fewer back links. One way to achieve this is to write and distribute articles and press releases to online directories, major press centers and newsletters. Don’t forget to include good content on your website regularly.

A badly designed website will turn off even the most targeted traffic any day. A discerning prospect who come to your site may pose and ask himself: “Is this fellow serious and can he be trusted with my patronage?” Unfortunately, when it comes to the point when such doubts are weaved into your prospects mind due to indecent website, then be rest assured you’d almost lost the sale.

So, while planning your web marketing campaigns, make sure only utmost professionalism and principles of enduring web design are strictly adhered to. And, if you can’t handle it yourself, then go ahead and hire a competent web designer to undertake this vital project for you.

On a final note, if you have the right budget, or once you start making some money, consult professionals to help you conduct the above web marketing methods, and others not mention herein.