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Website templates are essential to creating attractive, yet affordable web designs. Templates Factory offers the finest in web templates and website templates for individuals or businesses looking to take a website to the next level. With a large range of professional quality design products, Templates Factory has a solution for all website development needs. Obtaining an expert grade template will offer not only tremendous monetary savings, but a great deal of time saved as well. The templates are simple to customize and adapt.

About Template Factory

Templates Factory is comprised of many of the internet’s top professionals highly skilled in web design. These experts create exceptional designs in all manners of websites, be it a standard templates, flash intros, or corporate logos. Templates Factory prides itself on providing templates and packages of the highest quality to ensure our customers are completely satisfied 100% of the time.

Website Templates: If you are in need of a standard website with customizable content, a website template is the best option available. With design options ranging from standard to professional and even artistic, website templates offer a blueprint for design creation with complete customization opportunity. Many website templates are designed by the same professionals who build custom websites, so the designs are fresh and high-quality for a fraction of the price of a fully designed unique site. Website templates are simple to download, modify, and put into action.

Flash Templates : If you are seeking a bit of added flare to a standard website, Flash sites will have what you are looking for. Flash sites incorporate the standard template as well as certain animation aspects. The amount of animation is variable with some sites including only small logos or buttons and others completely designed for Flash. As with any templates, all aspects of a Flash site are completely customizable and easy to download and modify.

Flash Intros: When only a bit of animation is required to hook visitors on the benefits of your website, a Flash Intro, or introduction, might be the ticket. Flash Intro templates are a Flash design product complete with modifiable text. To use, simply insert all relevant company information such as text, logo, and name using Macromedia Flash and the website will be ready to go live.

php Nuke Themes: PHP-Nuke is a popular content management system that allows for simple design changes. By selecting a PHP-Nuke theme, an entire website can be modified and updated in minutes. Websites created and maintained using PHP-Nuke are simple to update, and with a wide variety of PHP-Nuke themes, finding and implementing a fresh look for a website has never been easier – or faster.

Logo Templates: Logo templates and sets each contain ten logos of exceptional quality. These logos may not be resold, but they may be used an unlimited amount of time for almost any other purpose. Letterhead, website design, and even presentations can easily benefit from these exceptional, 300 dpi graphics.

Corporate Identity: Establishing and maintaining a corporate identity is crucial to the success and professional appearance of a company. Corporate Identity packages are the ideal means to creating the theme or style of your company. The standard package includes printer-ready electronic files, logos, standard letterhead, envelope and business card layouts. All design work is complete, and only your company name remains.

Swish Templates: The SWiSH technology is also available in website templates. These templates, available from Template Monster, include professionally designed aspects for modification in SWiSH editor. In addition to the .swi file required for SWiSH modification, the template also includes .swf, psd, and .html files to simplify the design and customization process.

osCommerce Templates: One of the largest industries on the internet is the online sale of goods. To build a os-Commerce can be extremely time consuming and waste the precious days or even weeks required to build up a new business. The oc-Commerce templates offer a ready-made solution for online shopping websites. These websites offer the fastest and most cost-efficient means of starting an online ecommerce business.

Whatever your website development need, you will find it here on Templates Factory.