CSS Hosting Design. New Trend In Hosting Business.

We are all used to the look and feel of the hosting websites that seem to have been designed in this same style for ages now. Since there’s lots of important info that needs to be placed on the home page, the home pages of the hosting websites usually look crowded and sometimes even like a mess and all this info gives a feeling that hosting is something very complicated. Most of us are familiar with the GoDaddy hosting company and the first glance at their website makes me think that I will never make it.

After the web 2.0 stream and during the last year some of developers started rethinking the usual approach to design of the hosting website. The clean CSS style with the 2.0 accent was obviously their aim. Nowadays CSS and web 2.0 approach to hosting website design is the new tendency that is getting stronger and stronger. Just think about it, if we find the website with the large fonts, lots of white space, clear icons and big buttons convenient, pleasant to the eye and easy to understand, why don’t we apply same concept to hosting website design.

I’ve prepared some CSS hosting designs that I personally like. Each one has it’s own unique style and stands out from the crowd. Follow the stream and be one of the first to join, as this is the key for success.

Littleoak Hosting


Hostnexus Hosting


Virtualspirits Hosting


Manshosting Hosting


Onlineeglo Hosting


Churchmediahosting Hosting


Bullethost Hosting


Crucialwebhost Hosting


Eleven2 Hosting


Vps Hosting


Micromediahosting Hosting


Suprasshosting Hosting


Motion-hosting Hosting


Webfusion Hosting


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  3. That’s a common practice to use the nofollow in the articles. I like your site and you have a great CSS hosting design and people will definitely like it.

  4. [...] CSS Hosting Design. New Tendency In Hosting Business. [...]

  5. Among the good CSS side-effects are pages that are accessible as possible to as many existing internet devices as possible, but surely you’ve heard.

  6. I’m definitely going to check these designs out. I have a log of attorney sites which are mostly blogs and I keep thinking that I should use different platforms and spread it around these will come in handy.