Common Elements of Luxury Web Design in Top Luxury Brands

What is luxury? Is it diamonds, expensive stylish clothing, the best cars, expensive watches and accessories? Or is luxury the feeling these things bring you — the feeling of wealth, certainty, or style? When it comes to website design, is there some definite style that gives the feeling of luxury — something that we could call the luxury style? We’ve done a bit of research looking into Web design for luxury brands, but we’ll leave the judgments up to you. Which website do you feel best represents the luxury lifestyle?


Let’s start with the best 10 luxurious jewelry brands. The research was conducted by the Luxury Institute, and we’ll study the websites of just a few brands.

Number 1

Harry Wilson Jewelry -

This site features simple, strict and minimalist black, white, and gray design elements with a “rich” beautiful font. Light flash effects enhance the beauty of the showcased jewelry and you can almost smell the luxury. Even if you replace the jewelry photos with something else, the luxurious feeling will stay with you.



Number 2

Buccellati Jewelry

This site features the same simple color scheme and same minimalist approach. The expensive book with a golden binding that you adore, high quality jewelry photos, and beautiful women enhance the minimalist design. One can be happy just having this marvelous book of exclusiveness, even without the jewelry itself.




Number 3

Van Cleef & Arpels -

This website resembles a fairy tale. It’s so unreal and magical, but with a light touch. Accents on every detail make it so charming and so simple at the same time.



Number 5

Tiffany Jewelry -

Oh Tiffany — so tender, so gentle and so self asssured. But still, this website could be anything just by replacing the images (I can easily imagine nice kettles instead of bracelets).


Number 7


So impressive, so deep, so mature, so passionate — Cartier’s special style features a red, white, and black color scheme as well as professional video presentations. Some of the website parts, like the product description, could have been less “techy” but I think this is just a necessity to give people what they’re used to.



Number 9


Again what we see is black, white and gray for the color scheme. I love this sophistication, as it looks so balanced and so right.



Below you will find the websites of some of the brands that were chosen the best jewelry brands in Las Vegas.


This is an amazing website with amazing videos, fashion, style, and feelings. This is not just the website of a well-known brand, but a way of life and you can feel in online.




David Yurman

The popular luxury color scheme is back: black, white and gray. This website serves as a presentation of lifestyle; a website for men.



Morgan Taylor Jewelers

I wouldn’t call the design here a successful one. I’m not sure what it is that doesn’t appeal to me — the logo, the font, or the images. Still the website follows the exact same style in layout as other luxury websites do.



Now we’ll take a look at some brands from the World top brands list.

Gucci —

Not much to say here — high fashion in real life and high fashion online.



Chanel -

This one is straightforward, black and white. The website reflects the Chanel style in it’s every detail.



Giorgio Armani

I love this website, but would you know this is Armani if not the logo? I mean it looks so cool that it could be used for almost anything.



Let’s also take a look at some of the world’s most desired luxury brands according to Forbes.

Calvin Klein

Here’s what you’ll find at the Calvin Klein site — clean sharp style, lots of white, and an accent on photos. This looks luxurious and follows typical luxury website design style elements as you can see from the other screen shots from above.



Versace —



Ralph Lauren —



Yves Saint LaurentWebsite:



As you can see, our small collection here helped us to determine the similar distinguishing features of luxury design on the Web.

  1. Colors: black, white and gray;
  2. Main website area on some solid background;
  3. Website working area in the middle of the page in a rectangle;
  4. Menu above and below the main content, usually in small font


So if you need a luxury design just follow these basic luxury design style guidelines and you’ll be off to a good start providing something recognizable to people all over the world.


When preparing the screen shots for today’s article we also found some luxury websites that are built in a different style. What’s really interesting though is that they also have lots of similar features.

Rolex —





Prada —



Louis Vuitton —


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  1. Great post, very luxurious indeed!

  2. Great article!

  3. Honestly - this is BS. As great as the design samples above are, the article sooo isn’t.

    The best design isn’t about “small font menus, solid black backgrounds and rectangles”. It is about communicating the message with with great visuals, including great photography. You can’t fake it with small fonts, black background and istock $1 pics.

  4. Jarek, we don’t speak about best design here, just the similar approach.
    It’s obvious that it’s not only the layout that makes the design, but you can’t deny that designs look similar :)

    Even say if you compare the websites of different hosting companies you will see more unlikeliness than on the luxury brand websites though they offer same services

  5. Jarek I see your point but it seems that this article is not actually saying these styles are the best styles overall. But they are hi-lighting businesses that are extremely successful and it is obvious that they do share a common design feeling.

    You are correct in that the photography and the attention to detail put into the design is what counts but consider this. There are many designers that need to use stock photography instead of having a studio. I myself have taken stock photos and did work for people where I manipulated the photo enough to where it looked very professional.

    Just as with a template and how it’s customized and tweek’d to get a desired effect, a simple stock photo can start at costing 1$ but can end up looking like you spent $400 for it if you understand your software enough to make it happen.

    Just my opinion but I liked this post :)

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  8. Fascinating article. I’ve been given the task of coming up with the look for a new designer/luxury goods online store and this has given me some valuable pointers ^^ Obviously I’ve got more research to do, but this is a great start :) Thanks a lot!

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