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Here is how you can design your first web page today

Web design remain one of the most intriguing, vital aspect of the internet. But despite this, most people considered designing website as one of intense tasks to accomplish. The reason commonly adduced for this fear is the seemingly daunting arrangement that HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), and hyperlinks requires.

However, this shouldn’t be so, because just like any craft, you can learn it, and even become a confident master of web design over time. Today, you can jettison HTML and all its complications. With the development and growth of certain software generally called web authoring, you are few steps away to designing your first web page. They’re simple, yet extremely effective produce professional looking websites. (more…)

Three simple mindsets before and during you design your first web page

Over the past few years, the Internet has fully grown into a phenomenal, with unlimited stratum of components making it an indispensable entity. One of such component is the art and science of web design. It’s generally refers to as ‘web designs,’ and need combination of careful procedures, several artistic parts like lines, textures, shapes, and colors to be turned into lovely attractive design.

In some quarters, it is known as Internet publishing, graphic design, web publishing or production, and electronic publishing. It showcases the physical look, sound and feel of web site, but do require other vital elements inputs before and after being hosted, to become a full fledge web site. (more…)