Three simple mindsets before and during you design your first web page

Over the past few years, the Internet has fully grown into a phenomenal, with unlimited stratum of components making it an indispensable entity. One of such component is the art and science of web design. It’s generally refers to as ‘web designs,’ and need combination of careful procedures, several artistic parts like lines, textures, shapes, and colors to be turned into lovely attractive design.

In some quarters, it is known as Internet publishing, graphic design, web publishing or production, and electronic publishing. It showcases the physical look, sound and feel of web site, but do require other vital elements inputs before and after being hosted, to become a full fledge web site.

Such elements are color selections, graphics and/ or pictures, animation creation, contents, font selection, HTML/XML authoring, navigation, JavaScript programming, and commercial development codes. Now, having the ability to use them to design website still remain a seemingly daunting task, especially to the uninitiated.

In the earliest period of Internet, only those with expertise in HTML/XML could design website successfully. Yet, even the process was that of a long learning, practices and quite tedious to accomplished. However, in the last several years now, things have improved and many who hitherto, considered themselves excluded can now dabble into web designing, and come out in flying colors.

The solution to the hydra headed web designing rested in some software called “web authoring” that you can use to design a page as fast and easy as possible. They are generally called WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), due to the simplicity they provides. They are Windows enabled, and will create the required HTML coding, robotically.

Two of the most popular web authoring are the old timer, Netscape composer and much newer version, called Microsoft FrontPage Express. Now, this article will state and explain certain mindsets and information you need to armed yourself with, as you venture to use any of these software, starting from today.

Avoid putting too much materials, color combinations, tables and contents on your website page. Really, websites that demonstrate glowing inputs like flashing banners, rolling and/or dancing animations, and all sorts of bells and whistles may look beautiful to behold, but they nevertheless, portend many dangerous downsize.

One of such problems is that your page will definitely take much longer time for your visitors to be able to view it, especially those still using dial up links. Do you remember your website is to be designed for people to see in the first place? So, what would be your gain if they try to log on, only to quickly click CLOSE because, it take ages to open?

Now, here is mindset number one: Web visitors are psychologically in hurry, and won’t ever wait for your beautiful bride to load before hissing away in annoyance, to somewhere else. Normally, your page should not take more than 45 seconds to load.

This point is closely related to the above. Avoid uploading large pictures and images onto your webpage, but instead, save them in the format called .jpeg or .jpg. This file format traditionally compress images into much smaller size, in order to speedy up loading time.

Now, here is mindset number two: Once the size of your pictures are in the range of 1mb, 2mb (or more), that should sound a quick alarm – TOO LARGE! Don’t upload it, quickly go ahead and reduce them into kilobytes, say 100 to 600 kilobytes, with your image editing program, such as Adobe Photoshop.

This sound simple, yet many people are still missing the boat, almost everyday. There is no doubt as to the important of a domain name. Except your website is meant for personal viewing alone - it is highly suggested that you get a distinctive domain name without hesitation. This means, a name that describe the exclusivity of themes of your site, and business model.

Now, here is mindset number three: Believe that the task of getting a domain is a top strategy you must adopt, if not your website will not be respected. Why? A domain name will present your website as an entity among the comity of responsible websites. There are tons of online companies engaging in the business of domain name registration.

Go, and type in “domain name registration” or “I want to register domain name.” I am sure those simple search terms will pour in hundreds of results for you. Take your time, look through and decide on one to register with. Or join some online forums and ask the members there to direct you on this course.

However, it will be a much wiser investment if you register it with the same company you intend hosting your newly designed website with